08-10-09 Duck Race Day
The weather could not have been better for this event in aid of Church Funds.

Approx 4,600 was raised.Further details will be posted when received from church member.Thanks to Neil Hendricks for pics.
Duck Race 2009 Prize List

1. 150 Margaret Brown
2. 100 Niall McAlister Hall
3.Calmac voucher Louise Lee
4.Special bottle of whisky Keith Campbell
5.Sea Tours voucher (75) R & R Armour
6.Golf Club voucher Ilona McGrath
7.Aqualibrium voucher Alex Hanning
8. Carradale Hotel voucher Margaret Richardson
9.Glen Restaurant voucher N McKinlay
10.Torrisdale Sheepskin rug E. Fusaro
11.Sea Tours voucher (25) Matt McKinlay
12.Pony Trekking voucher Dave Mercer

Booby Prize Duck no. 192 Brian Burrows
Best Name 'Don't be Reduckulous' Marlene Walker

Click on pics to enlarge.

[The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat]
[The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat]

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