08-09-08 New Balls Please
[Carradale AFC vs Northend Thistle AFC]No football was played at the weekend due to water-logged pitches, so a bit of news about Arran team Northend Thistle, who Carradale play annually in the Kilbrannan Quaich competition.

Northend are reportedly Britain's worst football, not having won a game for 18 years. Their worst result being 33 - nil.

That changed a couple of weeks ago, though, when they beat a team of veterans from fellow Arran team Southend United by five goals to four.

Better yet, the match was filmed and highlights broadcast on Sky TV!

If you're keen to watch then you can view it on YouTube. Watch out for the Glasgow Rangers Scout! :)

There was also a nice match report published in The Arran Voice.

Northend Thistle have always been the best of hosts to Carradale AFC and the best of sportsmen, accepting their defeats with good grace.

So, could Northend Thistle be taking home the Kilbrannan Quaich this year? We'll just have to wait and see...

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