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[Carradale Camera Club]It's that time of year again when Carradale Camera Club stages its annual photography exhibition.

Carradale has a thriving camera club with members using both traditional and digital cameras and techniques, and you can expect the exhibited photographs to be of the highest standard.

The exhibition is to be held in the village hall from Thursday 10 August 2006 until Saturday 12 August 2006, from 11am until 4pm. Admission is 1.00
[Carradale Camera Club]

From: Rab Hutchinson
Date: 06-08-2006
Subject: Mayday Mayday

I was in carradale on holiday in my caravan for the last 2 weeks and had a great time with the weather behaving itself for a change,usually it rain when i come up.

I read your story on the sea rescue which had a special intrest to me as i was the 0ne who contacted the coastguard and kept in touch with jd by phone giving him information on where the dinghy was situated outside the bay.

I could not believe they went out of the bay with no outboard attached to the dinghy,anyway they are lucky to be alive thanks to the quick response of the fishing boat in the bay.

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