08-07-05 Pictures in Panorama
The website keeps expanding and the latest addition is some panoramic style photographs of the area. These are much wider than normal photos and don't usually fit on a computer screen, but you can use your mouse to pan and scroll the images.

Select the Panoramic Pictures section from the menu to see our first offering, a wide shot of the field behind our house one frosty morning, showing a full 180 degrees of view and taken from halfway along Sally's Walk.

When the picture appears you can position your mouse pointer over it. Press and hold down the left mouse button then move the mouse slightly to scroll the image.

I've several other pictures like this so will put more up in a few days. I'm also planning on some 360 degree shots too, perhaps one from the top of Deer Hill?

Let us know what you think.

And while we're on the subject of pictures I just wanted to mention the Machrihanish Website which features (amongst other things) some stunning sunset photos, some fascinating historic pictures, and a downloadable screensaver.

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