08-06-13 EKCC Meeting
Extraordinary meeting 23 May 2013.


Extraordinary Meeting held in The Green Room, Carradale 23 May 2013


Stuart Irvine (chair), Elizabeth McMillan (treasurer), Shelagh Cameron, Cathy Forbes, Robert Strang, Tom Adams, Dominic Ryan, Eleanor Sloan


1 police officer and 7members of the public

Ronnie Brownie

1. Stuart Irvine welcomed attendees and started the meeting by thanking Cathy Forbes for the use of the green room as a venue for the meeting then he explained the agenda of the meeting to follow
1. To discuss the ongoing consultation by ABC regarding the status quo of the local community councils.
2. To discuss the village emergency plan

2. Consultation
The 2nd stage of the consultation begins in June and we have not lodged any thoughts so far,
The paper sent from Kilmory contained the following points
Point 1 frequency of meetings,
After discussion it was agreed to continue on 10 meetings a year and to have the AGM at the June meeting with a normal meeting afterwards, the thoughts being that a new committee may decide to change the meeting frequency.
Point 2 annual accounts,
It was agreed to continue with one auditor as this works very well.
Point 3 - model constitution,
It was agreed to reduce the time for office bearers to remain in office to two years,
and to reduce the time of notice to be given for calling to meetings to 7 days.
We agreed later on in the meeting to review the constitution at a later meeting.
Point 3 model standing orders
All agreed with Kilmorys suggestions
Point 4 membership numbers,
We agreed to remain as we are
Point 5 boundary changes
ABC are proposing to exclude Peninver from EKCC. There were no objections to this.

A suggestion was made that, bearing in mind the project C3 that the Northern boundary be changed to include Skipness.

However this is only a consultation and therefore Peninver need to be asked for their thoughts, there has not been a representative on the EKCC from Peninver for a few years.
The second proposal to include Skipness was not so straight forward - from the point of view of the C3 it makes sense to be part of the GP boundaries and therefore C3 will be able to offer more care to more people with the extended council boundaries. After a lengthy discussion a vote was taken and 3 were for inclusion and 4 were against , 1 undecided,

Extra point raised by the public
Minutes are not appearing and accessible to the public, they are generally send to the antler and to the Goat for publication and it has been proposed that we create a website and a paper folder to be kept in the local shop and post office. We agreed to ask ABC if they would create a web site for community councils.

3. Emergency Plan
Shelagh told us that a list has been drawn up with a lot of proposals already
It was proposed to set up a public meeting and to invite all the interested parties to attend.
We discussed the use of the village hall as the emergency hub and all agreed it seemed the obvious place , however we are aware of the importance of having that discussion with the members of the village hall committee, so they will be invited to the public meeting. It was agreed to do this ASAP.

An email was received from Marcus Adams regarding concerns from the Harbour Group over the SLIP funding proposal put in by the EKCC. Shelagh read us an email she has received from Brenda Sutherland at ABC saying that ABC agreed to all the requests for support to enable the SLIP project to go ahead. A discussion ensued about the issue of community councillors names being put on funding documents without their prior consent.
A request was lodged to see the minutes of the meeting that discussed the application, Eleanor agreed to forward these minutes to all concerned parties.
Shelagh formally apologised for putting councillors names on the funding application without their prior knowledge and consent.
Dominic and Tom expressed concerned about applications being out forward without complete discussion and clarity.
Tom feels that the EKCC are taking on more projects and doing less community council business.
Shelagh said she felt that the projects that are ongoing are going to benefit the community and should be part of the EKCC business.
This then started a discussion about the future of the C3, it seemed that some EKCC councillors were genuinely unaware of the connection and future for the C3 project and how it is involved with the EKCC. Cathy explained that if the EKCC did not support C3 it would be dissolved.
Eric and Cathy reminded us of the website they have created villageweb.org.uk this has much local information on it.

5. The meeting closed at 9.05 pm and Stuart thanked everyone for attending.

6. Dates of next meeting
6th June at 7pm

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