08-06-07 A Grand Day Out
What a great day it was yesterday for getting out and about. Stunning weather.

The primary school kids were all away to Drumlemble for the Rural Sports Day where the Carradale kids aquitted themselves most honourably, taking home a trophy for the cabinet.

Whilst in the neighbourhood I took the opportunity to pop across to Machrihanish and visit the Machrihanish Seabird and Wildlift Observatory.

Despite the hot weather there were still plenty of birds to see including a rare arctic visitor, a King Eider duck that normally makes its home north of the Arctic Circle. It had been seen briefly last month but its return will no doubt bring a clutch of serious birdies out to see it while they have the chance.

The school children will be out again today when they spend some of the afternoon down at Carradale Bay with a spnsored Bay Day and Beach Walk. I'm told there will be a BBQ and family and friends are welcome to join them.
[King Eider at Machrihanish]
[King Eider at Machrihanish][King Eider at Machrihanish][Common Seal at Machrihanish]

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