08-06-06 School Transport

[Vroom!]School transport was on the agenda last week after Argyll & Bute Council decided in its infinite wisdom that a few sheckles could be saved by making our kids walk to school instead of providing transport as at present. The changes affect pretty much any kids that live to the west of the village school where children as young as 5 yrs would face up to a 2 mile walk along poorly lit roads with no pavement, step-offs and bad sight-lines.[Vroom!]
Common sense seems to be prevailing, however, and the Council tell me that if the school submits a list of those pupils requiring transport on the grounds of road safety then the chances are that this will be accepted without an argument and transport will continue to be provided as per the present.

Check with Mrs Morris at the school to ensure that your children are on the list and don't get left behind in August.

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