08-03-15 B842 Potholes To Craters
Our roads are becoming a joke.

Despite numerous phone call and emails by mysef (Johnny Durnan) to Argyll & Bute Roads Dept regarding the state of the B842 Campbeltown to Claonaig,very little work has been done to stop this lifeline route to Carradale and beyond disintigrating.Does the roads department still exist,are our roads inspectors all on holiday,looks like it.
Despite raising lots of roads and drainage issues over the last months why has it come to a point that a pothole,now a dangerous crater in the middle of the road at Smerby (just outside Campbeltown) still grows daily,it measured on Sunday 8feet by 3ft and 4inchs deep.One of the problems causing this is lack of drainage,possibly looks like a culvert that has collapsed with the heavy traffic of lately.To see these road issues grow daily we begin to worry if we will have a road in the near future.Some other sections needing urgent work are the road at Whitestone were vehicles normally stop to let passing traffic by which is all broken and the road surface at All Cruach.Despite passing on my emails to East Kintyre Community Council and tried to raise this at the last meeting (5th March) to be cut off by the Convenor,who in turn was too busy praising SSE (Crossaig Works Director) Andrew Malkin for his couple of favours to the village,knowing that most if not all the road damage has been caused by heavy contruction traffic to SSE's Crossaig site.

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