08-03-06 Return of the Trowsers
[The Hugh Trowsers Band]The infamous Hugh Trowsers Band will be returning to Kintyre at the end of the month to perform in Campbeltown at the Royal Hotel, supported by band Syntax, on the 25 March 2006. Some of you might remember this is the same band as were such a hit when they played in Carradale village hall last September, in aid of Carradale AFC.

Tickets cost 8 each and there are only 150 of them available. They'll go on sale every Friday and Saturday, 9am to 9pm, from the Royal Hotel, and will also be available from McIvors florist in Longrow from Friday 10 March 2006.

On another topic, just how long does a 'Temporary Road Surface' have to be in situ before it becomes a 'Permanent Road Surface' ?

I'm referring, of course, to the stretch of road at Torrisdale which has been allowed to fall into a poor state state of repair by the council and which is still in a pretty shoddy condition with no sign of a proper repair job being imminent.

It's rough enough in a car but is positively dangerous to anyone on a motorbike.
[Temporary Road Surface?]

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