08-02-08 Still a Load of Rubbish!
[Argyll & Bute Council Fails to Collect Rubbish from Carradale AGAIN]Despite assurances from Argyll & Bute Council, I arrived home on Friday night to find that the bin men failed to take away our excess household waste, in some cases having to move the black bags in order to empty the wheelie bin, and then replace them.

Council workers in Campbeltown have been striking, or working to rule, in protest at the implementation of the national Single Status agreement for pay and conditions. As a result of which recently we have had icy roads left untreated, rubbish bins left unemptied, schools closed, and council offices and depots picketted.
[Refuse Collection in Carradale]
The bins went unemptied last week and so we had double the amount of waste to be taken away this week. Given that part of the Council Tax we pay goes to cover the uplifting of household waste on a weekly basis, it doesn't seem unreasonable to me that the bin men should have taken it away when they came this week.

As reported earier, the council assured me this would be the case when I called them earlier in the week to enquire.

Presumably the bin men felt it wasn't their job to help clean up a mess they'd had a hand in causing? Maybe no-one told them to take it but wouldn't you have thought they'd have felt a moral duty to take it anyway?

So what's the solution? The council will no doubt wring their hands and apologise, and then tell us we have to keep it for another week or take it to the tip ourselves.

Hang on a minute. Sorry? Take it to the tip? Isn't that what we've already paid the council to do for us?

I think I'm turning into a grumpy old goat.

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