07-12-08 Seeker Reaper
Another chance to see in Inverness.
This coming Friday and Saturday the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness will hold performances of Eddie Strivens epic play on the ring-net herring fishing - the centre piece of which is Eddie's recitation of George Campbell Hay's classic poem "Seeker Reaper".

The one man play which visited Carradale in Aug 2007 and Campbeltown this year also includes music by Bob Pegg and the singing by Shelagh Cameron. Credit must also go to Lachie Paterson for his hard work in setting up film and ring-net photos featured in the play.

Myself (JD), I was one of the of the last young fishermen to be at the ring-net in Carradale and to have the privilege of seeing what life was like for the generation's past. I have attended both of the performances in Carradale and Campbeltown, very touching some of the parts and something to remind everyone of the days gone by and never to be seen again. Middle photo of Lachie Paterson and Eddie Stiven at the carradale performance 2007.

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