07-07-06 Tickets Pliz
[Tickets Pliz!]We got back from a few days in England to find that the Argyll & Bute Council had had something of a brainstorm and actually listened to the populace. That isn't the way they put it in their press release, of course, but we all know the truth.

If you remember, the great and the good had decided that children living less than two miles from school would have to find their own transport from August, saving the council an estimated 30,000 per year. Given the rural nature of the region it was obvious to anyone with half a brain that for the most part either parents would have to drive their children to school or that we'd see carnage on the roads.

The matter was the subject of heated exchange between councillors and letters to the local papers, the council conceding that where there was an unsafe walking route they would continue to provide transport. It very quickly became apparent that the money they were hoping to save would be rapidly eaten up with appeals and administration costs.

Whoever came up with the estimate of a 30,000 saving clearly didn't put very much effort into researching the basis of their premise, and the question must be asked as to whether they are competent to provide statistics of this type in the future. Quite frankly, the tax payers deserve better.

Anyway, they've now decided to reverse that decision and school transport arrangements go back to how they were before.

At the end of the day it has been a victory for parents and children, so well done A&B for recognising when they were on to a loser.

Meanwhile the builders have been hard at work and have finished the repairs to our geriatric roof.

It now sports a pair of brand spanking new valley gutters, neatly clipped slatework, and replacement sarking.

We had a bit of rain during the night and, fingers crossed, there is no sign of any water getting in now.

Now all we need a good downpour to really give it a proper testing.
[The Roof]

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