07-06-08 Nip and Sting
[Adder or Viper, Thanks to Encyclopedia Britannica Online]
There's been a report recently of a woman being bitten by an Adder whilst walking in woods near to Saddell Castle.

The lady in question apparently didn't know that she'd been bitten until a few days later, when she felt ill and began hallucinating. A visit to her GP revealed what had happened.

Adders (or Vipers) are Scotland's only variety of native snake, and Britain's only venomous snake, and shouldn't be confused with Slow Worms which are totally harmless.
[Slow Worm, Thanks to the West Highland Way website]

If you do come across an Adder then you should really consider yourself quite fortunate. They'll usually skidaddle just as quick as they can when they detect you approaching.
Contrary to popular belief, the bite of an Adder isn't all that serious. In fact there are no recorded cases in the UK of it ever being fatal. Some people can have an allergic reaction to their venom, however, in the same way as some people are allergic to bee stings, and this can make the effects worse.
Speaking of things that can bite or sting, we've just started to see jellyfish being washed-up on the beach in Carradale Bay.

So far they've just been small Moon jellyfish, which have only a mild sting, and the occasional Compass jellyfish, but no doubt we'll soon start seeing Lions Mane jellyfish as well, known locally as Scouders, which can give you a much nastier sting.

Best advice is to leave well alone and remember, never hit a jellyfish with a spade.
[Jellyfish arrive in Carradale Bay]

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