07-04-13 Kintyre Way Relay 2013
Annual event passing through Carradale,are you available to help?

The Kintyre Way Relay on 11th May will attract over 70 long-distance runners into Kintyre for the weekend, including eight from England and even one from France.
As part of the effort to give them all a memorable day (so they will hopefully come back in the future), we try to create a warm welcome at the Network Centre tearoom, which is their first stopping point after the 15-mile slog over the hill from Tayinloan.
We need people on hand to help with timekeeping, marshalling, serving refreshments, etc, and even just clapping hands and saying "Well Done" can lift a tired runner's spirits!
If you'd like to help for an hour or two on 11th May, or would like to find out more, please come along to our briefing session on Sunday 14th April at the Network Centre at 4:30pm.

For further info, click KINTYRE WAY RELAY.

Some photos of runners and walkers I took from 2009.

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