07-04-10 Carradale to Hong Kong
Bumping into a friend after all them years.

On a recent visit to Hong Kong to visit their son Roddy, Morag and James Allan made contact with an old friend Donald Youngson (Jura).

For those who may not know Jura he once lived and worked on the fishing boats out of Carradale before eventually moving abroad to work, marrying and settling down with a young family.

Check out Donalds life story on his website HERE.James and Morag then went on a short visit to Phuket in Thailand. Whilst there they visited the Fanta Sea Theme Park,click HERE.

James Allan pictured with Donald in the bar which he manages out in Hong Kong and of the opportunity at the FANTA SEA THEME PARK he missed out when son Roddy was a baby :)

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