07-02-08 EKCC Meeting Tonight
East Kintyre Community Council will meet this evening (07-02-08) in the committee room of the village hall, at 7pm. All are welcome to attend.

With the recent problems of power failure, lack of gritting, and failure to uplift rubbish it promises to be an interesting meeting. We've received several comments as a result of recent events and articles:
JD writes to tell us 'As you may have probably heard I was the unfortunate person to be a victim of the ungritted back road.

Incident happened on the morning of 22nd Jan at about 6.45am. I was enroute to Ayr when out of the blue came over the brew of hill just past Sheila Oakes house and confronted ourselves with a road surface of frozen ice.

With little time to react I opted to catch the verge to slow me to a stop, but with the previous wet weather the verge collapsed and slammed me into the fence which luckily stopped me from ending up down the field.
[Lack of Gritting Causes Accident]
You can see from the picture were my car was and the ice covered road and were the gritter reveresed up to free us. In all from start of incident to being relayed home was 5 hours in freezing conditions. The gritter came from the Redhouse to Skipness, but no B842. I will be raising this at the coming CC meeting. Must thank the gritter lorry driver for his assistance in getting me out of there.'

[Bus for Carradale to Claonaig?]Jackie writes from a way up the Skipness road: 'With reference to your article on the gritting/non gritting of the B842 Carradale to Claonaig road, I would like to inform you that after many years of requesting this road to be gritted by many locals, parents and those who journey to work, the council have informed 'us' that if this route had a 'Bus' then it would become a priority route.
Also I do believe that there is a council boundary at Sunadale which denotes local boundaries re: primary schools etc.

I agree that whilst there is school transport on this road, this should make this route a priority for gritting, circumstances dictate that this is not the case. Short of providing a minibus for school transport , what is the solution?'

Anne writes from Hillside Road 'The bins at the end of Hillside Road are supposed to be only for the use of the residents. The bin lorry has not come up the road for several years and we have to take our refuse to the end of the road.

Often we find the bins are full of rubbish from others in the village, which is quite unfair and the area around them is becoming very messy due to overspill.

I have also noticed recently that there are a lot of bags, cans etc messing up the roads about the village, this never used to happen. Where is our pride in the appearance of our beautiful village?

I urge any readers to take note and pass on the word to clean up their act!'
[Argyll & Bute Council Fails to Collect Rubbish from Carradale]

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