06-12-13 Argyll and Bute Press Release
[The Carradale Goat]New SSE power station.

Kintyre Hunterston – start of advanced works

Start of advanced works on the Kintyre Hunterston link to improve the electricity network in Kintyre

The project will see an investment of over £200m which will provide a more secure energy supply to the Kintyre peninsula by strengthening the transmission network, as well as providing significant local employment opportunities.

Argyll and Bute Council is already a leading player in the renewables sector nationwide, and has a number of ambitious targets. Argyll and Bute Renewable Alliance (ABRA) has been a key driver in securing the delivery of this project. The council and ABRA recognise the critical importance of releasing additional grid capacity to allow both commercial and community renewable projects to be realised and to deliver on the local economic opportunities that could come from the renewables in the future.

The Kintyre Hunterston link has huge development potential in this area and will release 150MW of grid capacity for renewable energy generators.

A substation is being built at Croassaig in Kintyre to connect the peninsula to Hunterston on the Ayrshire coast via two 25-mile underwater cables.

As well as the new power station in Croassaig forest, SSE will replace the existing overhead line between Carradale and Croassaig with a higher capacity double circuit line.

Policy Lead for Sustainable Environment and Renewables, Vivien Dance, said:

‘’I was pleased to be on site with Michael Russell MSP on Monday to launch the start of the advanced works and appreciate the scale of the project and the development potential that this will trigger in the renewables sector.

‘’This £220million investment is a huge boost for Argyll and Bute in general and the Kintyre Peninsula in particular and I was pleased to be able to meet local residents who have already secured employment on site. The strengthening of the power supply network will be greatly welcomed, it is essential that the electricity supply in Kintyre is secured for the future, particularly in light of the problems during the heavy snow in March this year.’’

‘’Argyll and Bute Council has been wholly committed to supporting this project and we look forward to working with the SSE team to deliver long term, sustainable economic benefit to local residents and visitors. This is a good news story for the area and we look forward to seeing the project completed.”

David Gardner, SSE’s Director of Transmission added:

“The Kintyre Hunterston project plays a key part in our £1.4bn investment programme which will see the upgrade of Scotland’s electricity network. We are investing around £4million a day in new energy infrastructure across the north of Scotland and we want to see real economic and social benefits flow to local businesses and communities as a result.

"It is well known that major infrastructure projects can bring benefits to an area both in terms of local jobs and a boost to the region’s economy. We have impressed upon our appointed contractors the need to maximise the use of local business and services throughout the construction programme and have worked collaboratively on this matter.

“On completion, the subsea link will release around 150MW of additional grid capacity from renewable generated sources and will provide a more secure electricity supply to the Kintyre peninsula. The new link is expected to be fully commissioned by the end of 2015.”

For further information contact Mark Calder, Communications Officer on 01546 604756 or email mark.calder@argyll-bute.gov.uk

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