06-12-05 Deer Oh Deer
My wife rang this morning to say she'd hit a deer on the way to work in Tarbert. Apparently it leaped out of the bushes on the side of the road just past Brackley and crashed onto the bonnet of the car. I don't know how much meat there is on a Sika deer but if anyone fancies some fresh venison then get up there pronto.

Sikas are not native to the UK but were imported from Japan in the latter half of the 19th Century and subsequently found their way into the wild where they've been very successful in establishing themselves, particularly in Scotland and Ireland.

Meanwhile the local Kintyre Christmas Post has gotten started again. There is a post box at Paterson's Store in Carradale where Christmas cards can be deposited for free delivery throughout Kintyre.

The way this works is that the cards are collected locally then passed on to Campbeltown where they're sorted and distributed amongst the local Scouts, Brownies, and other groups for local delivery. It's a system that has been operating successfully for a few years now. Our local group is the Carradale Activity Play Park committee.
[Sika Deer]

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