06-05-05 Argyll and Bute Remains Lib Dem
No change in Argyll & Bute following the General Election yesterday. Still Liberal Democrat with Alan Reid by a healthy margin. Elsewhere in the UK there have been some upsets and surprises.

The figures for Argyll & Bute were as follows:

Alan ReidLD15786
Jamie McGrigorCON10150
Carolyn MansonLAB9696
Isobel StrongSNP6716
Deirdre HendersonSSP881

Turnout of the electorate was 64% so not as good as the recent EKCC election in Carradale.

Across the UK as a whole the picture is as follows:

Labour355 seats(Down 47)
Conservatives197 seats(Up 33)
Liberal Democrats62 seats(Up 3)
Other Parties13 seats(Up 3)

So Tony Blair gets through for another term of government but already the newspapers and internet news sites are asking the question 'When will he step down?'

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