06-04-11 Another Sad Day For Carradale
The Glen Bar and Restaurant closure.

Today the Glen Bar and Restaurant closed its doors for good. Joining the many other bars and similiar premises that have taken their toll in the recession that we have been going through the last year or so.

Penny Dapp and Sue Stansfield whom most of you will know bought the premises back in 2003 when it had previously lain empty for over three years by the last person who had owned it. Having gutted the place from top to bottom and giving it a new facelift they opened for business in March 2004 to the delight of the village and ran it successfully for some years when the custom was at its best.

Then with the rising costs of alchohol and other overheads as lately, the drop in needed custom by this, the ongoing illness by one partner has ment that the two ladies have decided to call it a day and move back down south again.Today they packed their belongings with a few family and friends dropping in to help and others to say goodbye to the couple.

Penny and Sue would like to pass on their thanks to all family,friends and work colleagues for their help,assistance and custom over the last 7 years. They have made many friends over these last years and hope to keep in touch with you all when they get settled back home in the near future.

Sue and Penny in happier times back in 2008 with the annual childrens xmas party, one of the many events they put on for their customers and families.

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Comments:Re:06-04-11 Another Sad Day For Carradale
Sad to hear
When ever pop down take for granted that theres always the Glen for a pint
John Williamson.
Sad news, remember it well from many years gone by.
Robert Maslon
It was a big shock to here of the closure of the GLEN BAR this week .My friends and i had been spending most of our evenings in there while on holiday in late May /early June every year since 1982,when the Campbells /Keith & Walter were the then owners. To Sue & Penny we would like to wish you all the luck for the future ,we will miss you both when we come up again in may 2011 .
All the best for the future SUE & PENNY from Dave,Keith,John & Terry,the Morley lads.
Hi Johnny,Jim & I didn't know Penny & Sue were going otherwise we would have liked to say goodbye. Please pass on our best wishes to both of them for the future and tell them both them and the Glen will be missed.
Sue Harris
Very sorry to learn of the Glen closing and Penny and Sue leaving the village.Best wishes to them from Steph and myself and good luck with whatever they decide to do next.
Cheers Gary Sutherland.
How very sad. It was the Carradale Hotel staff's treat to go to the Glen occasionally for a meal, presided over and kept in order by Sybil, in the early seventies. What a miss that will be.
Patsy Bain (Young).
Hi Johnny, thank you, Colin Burgess had told us this. We shall also be tracking down Ken and his BIG dog ‘Hamish’ though I imagine the Ashbank is a little small for that dog!

Hope we meet you too. We will be there from 10th September for a couple of weeks so if you see strangers in the Ashbank or Bay Hotel come and say ‘hello’ we are Anne & Alan . We normally come in June but health problems forced us to cancel this year, still we now have something to look forward to in a couple of months time. We will miss the Glen though, it had a nice atmosphere more like a club but then it’s normally the host behind the bar that makes these places fun to go to.

Best wishes
Anne Vickers

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