06-04-05 EKCC and General Election News
Don't forget to send back your ballot papers! You've got until 14 April for them to be *received* by the council so don't leave it till the last minute.

Remember also that you don't have to cast all of your votes if you don't want to. Just put a cross in as many boxes as you like, up to the maximum of five.

Still no news on when the first meeting of the new EKCC council will be. The poster proclaiming it to be on the 14 April still stands in the bus shelter but as this is the same as the closing date for voting presumably it will be re-tabled.

We'll have the opportuntity to vote again shortly, now that Mr Blair has finally announced a date for a general election.

It'll be interesting to see what promises the various parties will be making in order to coax us into voting for them, particularly with regard to the more out-flung regions such as our own - assuming they don't all just pretend we don't exist and decide to ignore us.

A slightly cynical friend of mine likes to regularly point out that you can always spot when a politician is lying to you - because their lips move.

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