06-03-06 High and Dry
"That's another fine mess you've got me into.." Great pictures sent to us by Malc showing two of Carradale's feral goats, stranded by the tide on rocks by the harbour.

What they were doing out there in the first place is anybody's guess but once the tide cut them off they were there for a few hours. They were lucky the sea was in a benign mood, I suppose. The hills you can see in the background are on the Isle of Arran.

Meanwhile the Dugald John Campbell Memorial Pool Competition, held in The Cruban Bar on Saturday night, was very well attended with an excellent sum (more than 1000 I'm told) being raised for the Fishermen's Mission.

Meanwhile there's *still* no sign of any action being taken by Scottish Water to repair the broken sewer outfall pipe at Port Righ. The on-going problem was front page news in the last edition of The Antler, and featured photos of both the loose pipe and the unsecured access hatches along the pipe.

The Chairman of Scottish Water (who resigned a short time ago) was quoted as saying that the company does terrible things to its customers, probably on a daily basis, and their inaction in this matter only goes to prove the fact.
[Fishermens Mission]

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