06-03-05 Fascism in Carradale
And so the ugly face of fascism is seen in Carradale, in the run-up to the East Kintyre Community Council elections.

The picture to the right shows a poster which appeared overnight on the bus shelter in Carradale, urging voters to support 'local' candidates in preference to 'incomers'. What a fine moral standpoint to base an election upon. Presumably the author has no other grounds to base their candidature upon.

It is incomers, such as myself, who are helping to keep the schools open, using the local shops, generating income and creating jobs but none of that is as important as where you happen to have been born in the tiny mind of the person who penned this particular poison pen poster.

Of course the cowardly author didn't have the courage to stand by their bigoted convictions and actually put their name to it.
[Facist Poster]

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