06-01-08 Not with a whimper but a BANG!
The New Year weather has, so far, been largely benign - particularly when compared with last year!

Whilst other parts of Scotland and the UK have been blanketed with snow Carradale, Kintyre, and much of the rest of the west coast has remained free of the fluffy white stuff.

Clear skies have made for chilly nights whilst persistent rain has kept the rivers and burns full of water, and yesterday evening we were entertained to a display of thunder and lightning.

A new feature to the website is the Ship Plotter display. This is connected to a VHF AIS Receiver and shows the positions of the larger ships passing around Kintyre and our part of the west of Scotland.

Centred on Carradale, it's still a bit experimental, but hopefully will give some idea to how busy the waters around Kintyre are.

[Seasonal Weather in Carradale]

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