05-12-10 Drama Club
Pantomine Photos of the Wizard Of Oz.

Produce by Mary Macalister Hall.....Stage managers-Tony Leighton,Donald Macalister Hall,Johnny Durnan.....Prompt-CarolAbernethy.....Musical Director-Stuart Irvine.....Sound Effects-Margaret Leighton.....Wardrope-Nicola Holt.....and a thanks to all others whom may have helped out.

Despite the bad weather all went well for the local drama club with their Christmas pantomine Wizard of Oz.Friday nights performance was down on last year with the snow, but all was made up for on the Saturday afternoon and night shows.
What makes panto's is the crowds on which all showings they were in fits of laughter and joined in supporting the goodies and booing the baddy.The adults and children were great and the costumes really made the show stand out.Being part of the stage crew it was fun seeing them perform throughout the rehersals and the amount of effort put in by all.
To crown it Mary Macalister Hall and Gail McIntosh both celebrated their birthdays, Mary her 65th, or I think thats what it said on the cake :)......Congratulations to both of you.Just added some quick pics, but I have opened up a new photo gallery in the Pictures gallery and will be adding pics of the cast and crew over the weekend.
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[The Carradale Goat][The Carradale Goat][The Carradale Goat]

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