05-08-10 Lifeboat To The Rescue
Campbeltowns Severn class Ernest and Mary Shaw Lifeboat tows in small yacht to Carradale Harbour after it lost power.

The Irish yacht Wennol Mor from Bangor got into difficulties whilst anchored in Carradale Bay. The wind freshened and the vessel dragged its anchor in by now a heavy swell and grounded with a bit of damage to its hull keel fin and snapping the propeller shaft.
The crew members managed to get ashore whilst the boat grounded on the ebb tide.As the wind changed direction and the tide turned with the local coastguards unable to reach it the boat started to drift offshore with no one on board and needing the assistance of the Campbeltown lifeboat.
With a prompt arrival the lifeboat crew secured the yacht alongside and took it into Carradale Harbour.

Check out the RNLI site by clicking HERE.Thanks to Ewan for the lifeboat pics.

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