05-07-05 Live Music in The Glen Tonight
There may be live music in The Glen Bar this evening as a couple of visiting musicians have offered to play. I gather it'll be traditional irish/gaelic type music which should make for an enjoyable evening.

There's a meeting being held at the Wellpark Pavilion on Saturday morning at 9:30am, 7 July 2005, to discuss the re-forming of the Carradale Football Club. All interested parties are invited to attend.

The boss is away to the Isle of Mull for a few days with the kids so I've been left behind to feed the animals and (hopefully) get some work done. Now that the school holidays are here it gets so noisy having a house full of kids all day.

I came a cross a great website today. The Geograph British Isles Website plans to host photographs from as much of the British Isles as is possible, categorising them initially by National Grid location. There's a simple search engine that lets you look up places of interest.

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