05-06-11 Up Up And Away By Helicopter
Locals and visitors get the privelege of a birds eye view of Carradale courtesy of Rob and Johnnie.

Saturday and Sunday brought a bit of excitement to the wee village when a visiting helicopter dropped on on the bakers field behind Ashbank Hotel.Aircraft owner Rob Jones accompanied by his wife and his pilot friend Johnnie had made a dropover to visit Rob's father who was staying at the Carradale Caravan Park.The group had booked into the Carradale Hotel for the night and enjoyed a bit of banter with locals and visitors alike.Saturday saw Angela Paterson (BUN) and her daughter Shannon getting the first of a free flight up in the Agusta Bell 206B-2 Jet Ranger II.

On Sunday some other visitors and locals enjoyed a flight,the young Burns girl (first name blank) her Aunt,Lyndsey Ramsey and her golf chums,myself JD and my wife Eila,a very enjoyable flight with some video footage and plenty of photos.A big thanks to Rob and our trusty pilot Johnnie (whom I believe is a ex fighter pilot).Johnnie would like to add his apologies for some others who had been expecting a flight later on that day due to weather circumstances whilst they were returning from up north.

Pics from top left to right, Rob and Johnnie, Angela and Shannon prepare for flight,up and away with Shannon looking out.Bottom left to right, Lyndsey Ramsey with pilot Johnnie, my wife Eila looking a wee bit nervous :), Miss Burns with her Aunt.

Click on the photos to enlarge............Just to add i will post video link later on here of flight ( nothing fancy as was taken on my other camera by Eila) and will add a new gallery of some ariel photos over Carradale.

[The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat]

[The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat]
June 6th 2011

Hiya Johnny, thanks to one and all in Carradale for looking after us at the weekend, we had an absolutely fantastic time.....even contemplating a Carradale New Year now :o) We're really sorry that we couldn't get a few more flights done when we came back later on the Sunday, unfortunately we spent that much time battling through the bad weather between Oban and Carradale, that we used up all our reserve fuel. We hope that everyone who managed to get onboard had a nice flight and we're really sorry to those on the ground who had to put up with the noise of the chopper. Once again Carradale, thanks very much for a fantastic weekend and see you all again soon!! All the best Johnnie
[Thanks again Johnnie and also pass on to Rob and wife.The weather we cannot change,but hope you enjoyed your overnight stay.Blog posted on the site now with photo's.All the best and hope to see you all again. Cheers JD]

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