05-06-07 Sign of the Times
Walking around Carradale the last couple of weeks you can't have not noticed the new metal posts and signs that have been springing up to replace the older wooden ones.

Funding for these appears to have come from a combination of the East Kintyre Wind Farm Trust, Scottish National Heritage, The Lottery Fund, WHELK, and the Co-Operative Society.

I am however a bit puzzled by the one beside the Lodge, by Dippen Bridge (pictured).

According to the sign to get to Waterfoot you should follow the footpath along the Avenue and Sally's Walk; Carradale West (which doesn't appear on any maps of the area that I've seen) and Carradale Bay are apparently reached by crossing Dippen Bridge; and to get to Carradale East and 'services' you should proceed up the hill in the direction of The Glen Bar.

Methinks whoever put this one up was having a bit of a giggle.

Has anyone spotted any others that appear to be 'geographically challenged' ?

[New Signs Around Carradale]

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