05-06-05 Broadband and Vandalism
Broadband internet access is creeping closer to becoming a reality in Carradale with the 'Ready For Service' date for the local exchange being given as 27 July 2005 on the HIE Website.

For some time now a grant has been available for businesses in the Argyll and the Islands area to help with the cost of installing broadband. Unfortunately the date for applications for this has now expired.

This seems daft as much of Scotland remains unable to connect to broadband because the exchanges have not yet been converted. I've asked HIE if there will be a grant scheme to replace the previous one and will post their reply here when I have it.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that the football pavillion had been vandalised, just as plans were going ahead to carry out some much-needed renovations.

When villagers arrived on Monday evening to start on some of the work they found the door had been forced and extensive damage had been done to fixtures and fittings, including the virtual demolition of an internal wall. This sort of thing is sickening in a small community.

Vandals also struck at the school a couple of days previously, destroying planters and flowers. The Police have begun investigations and we're hopeful that the perpetrators can be identified from evidence left at the scene.
[Vandalism to Football Pavillion]

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