05-05-11 Ashbank Hotel New Barman
[The Carradale Goat]Donald MacAlister (Nonnie) starts work at the Ashbank Hotel...new opening hours and quiz night resumes.

07-05-11 Re: Ashbank Hotel New Barman

All the best to Nonnie on your new job.

John Williamson.

09-05-11 Re: Ashbank Hotel New Barman

Is there more than one Nonnie in Carradale? Is this THE Nonnie,possibly now fifty-something but still just a boy? I am now feeling ancient...

Patsy Bain (Young).

Ed Note: You got it in one Patsy,the boy that never aged,fifty with a possible eight after:)

10-05-11 Re: Ashbank Hotel New Barman

Best of luck in your new job, Nonnie!



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