05-04-13 Fire And Rescue Service
[The Carradale Goat]Grass and woodland fires warning.

We are now under our new name Scottish Fire And Rescue Service and in the recent week scrub burning and accidental fires have got out of hand in the Highland regions as seen on the news and local papers.Please be aware of how dry everything is the past weeks for the safety of wildlife and households.

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Our own local station will over the coming weeks see the Strathclyde Fire And Rescue name being changed as with on all our personal gear and vehicle.End of an era under the name of Strathclyde whom many were proud of serving under and hopfully to continue the same under the now SCOTTISH FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE.The Carradale station starting with a hut at the pier to the now modern fire station has had many volunteers over the years with some tallying up many years service.I intend to open up a photo gallery of when I joined back in 1993 and post photos of all to date starting with the longest serving the late Alex Oman with 34 years.

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