05-03-09 EKCC Meeting Tonight
The Way Forward.

East Kintyre Community Council meeting tonight @ 7pm in the Village Hall Library.

At the last meeting well attended by three ABC Councillors and members of the public, the Chairperson called for "hopes and goals" for 2009.

Myself (Johnny Durnan) suggested a designated person from the community council to keep tabs on road, scrub cutting and light faults.

The Chairperson, Shelagh Cameron mentioned the jetty at Torrisdale used by the Glenlight Shipping years ago.

Other ideas were welcomed and to be raised at this coming meeting tonight

On the issue of street lighting, for months (6 or more)) the light at Kiloran guesthouse and Toshs Park are still out, well there was a new unit fitted which lasted a few weeks before extinguishing.

Despite repeated calls to A&B Council to rectify this problem we are still without proper lighting.

My last call yesterday on talking to the street light department was to be told that it is a Scottish Hydro Electic problem, new power leads need to be connected and that will not be done until the 19th March.

We shall wait and see, by that time there will be more daylight and shall not need the lights.

Could we have a discount from our Community Tax for not having the pleasure of proper Lighting and Pavements.

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