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As many people are aware a group of villagers put in an application to the Village SOS competition for funds to get above ground fuel storage with a card reader to re-introduce a petrol station in Carradale. This was successful in getting through to the second round of the competition.

Unfortunately when the application forms were received and further investigations into the costs were conducted it was realised that this application would not come within the rules of the competition. The competition organisers were contacted and we were told we could put another project forward.

The original fuel group and directors of Network Carradale had a meeting to look at each suggestion that had been listed on the Pipedreams website.
There were various reasons suggestions were rejected for this competition and finally it was decided that the project that would be put forward was the creation of a Carradale Cycle Trail and a mountain bike hire shop to be situated at Network Carradale.

This application was submitted on 1st February and we have been informed by the organisers that we will know if it has been successful in April.

A copy of the application is on the notice board in the village hall together with a summary of the fuel filling station investigations and the reasons other pipedream suggestions were rejected for this particular completion.

The fuel group are now looking at alternative funding for the provision of fuel.

To view the completed application form click CARRADALE TRAILS.
Comment:Re Carradale Trails.

Hi JD,

I read the application form and thought it was a brilliant idea until I got to the pricing structure - 40 hire charge per day for a bike worth 300???? Where is the incentive for any holidaymakers (such as me, my wife and daughter who come every single year) to hire bikes at a cost of 100 a day for the three of us? Consider halving that charge and the project may stand a chance of success, but keep the charges as planned and it will be highly unlikely to survive a summer.

Decathlon are about to open a massive sports superstore in Renfrew. They currently sell half decent mountain bikes for 120 (we bought one at xmas for my daughter). At these prices, the bikes are almost disposable. they are excellent value for money.

I really wish the project every success, but at these prices, we'll continue to bring our own bikes I'm afraid.


Gordon Goldie
Former Scottish Cycling Team Manager & Great Britain Cycling Team Mechanic.

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