05-02-10 Roads And Potholes
They have been a pain in the butt for years.

Since my early days in the East Kintyre Community Council and many years as Chairman roads,scrub cutting and grass verges were mostly top of my list on the agenda.

Spending numerous hours calling the relevant departments to complain trying to get our local roads up to a driveable standard and for safety reasons also.Some progress and work was achieved then but nowadays things are starting to get a wee bit series.

With all the very wet weather at the end of last year and the months of frost,snow and ice the roads locally and most of Argyll are in a horrendous condition and money is needed fast to rectify them before we have some serious road accidents, minor we have had and luckly no serious injurys.

Gritting of the Carradale north road was also a pain for residents as it is classed low priority (not a bus route) so not gritted but with public pressure may be we could change that due to all the mishaps and accidents,Doctor had to abandon car due to icy road,Ministers wife car overturned hitting black ice and others recently.

You hear about it on the local news, it is in the local papers and you just need to visit especially Kintyre to see it.The old story, we have no money, yet they can spend billions on other uneccessary causes which I shall not mention.

South Kintyre roads, Campbeltown, Machrihanish, Southend all falling to bits and especially Southend with the threat of the road closing due to subsidence at Coniglen.Our own routes from Campbeltown to Carradale are not any better with the single track road leaving Carradale north crumbling away daily.

They have done this week filled in most of the potholes on the B8001 Kennacraig to Claonaig but that will not last long stretches of the road need to be replaced.We are a community that depend on tourism and if the roads are not up to a safe driveable standard people will not come here and especially caravaners.

If members of the public find faults on street lighting or roads, phone the Customer Service Centre on 01546 605 514(Lochgilphead) or if you would like to add your comments contact me.

Re: 05-02-10 Roads And Potholes.I agree wholeheartedly with the points that you make, especially about the billions being thrown down black holes elsewhere, but that's a separate issue.

The Southend road is near to collapse due to the forces of nature and there should be no hesitation to spend the money to remedy that. So far, it is being monitored around the clock. What a waste of money. The road is going to slip and plans for its replacement should already be in action. As for the Carradale road from Campbeltown, let's just say that the deterioration of the surface has coincided with the increase of traffic from two very well known Campbeltown haulage companies, AS HAS THE INCREASE IN LITTER ALONG THAT STRETCH. The two company's concerned should be forced to pay their share of the upkeep to a road that was never designed to carry the amount of heavy traffic they are imposing upon it.

As you know, I am on Kintyre's roads daily so I am in a position to note and comment on the appalling state they have been allowed to fall into of late.


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