05-02-08 What a Load of Rubbish
According to Argyll & Bute Council refuse collection from Carradale will begin again on Friday, so remember to have your bins out in plenty of time.

I spoke to someone at the council this morning (01586-559000) who at first seemed confused by the question but who subsequently confirmed that they *would* also be taking additional refuse in bags if placed with your wheelie bin.

[GoatNote: For those readers not resident in the village, last week's bin collection was cancelled due to industrial action by Argyll & Bute Council staff.]
[Refuse Collection in Carradale]

[Danger of Skidding on Ice]On another seasonal subject, someone has remarked upon the council's failure to provide grit at the usual locations along the B842 between Carradale and Claonaig this winter.

It is already a bone of contention that this road is not included on any of the council's gritting routes, despite it being the only route north from Carradale and one which an increasing number of people are using on a daily basis.

The ungritted state of this road is also one of the reasons the council gives for refusing to provide transport for Carradale children to attend Tarbert Academy, in preference to Campbeltown Grammar.

Parents in Tayinloan, for instance, can choose to send their children to either school and receive council-funded transport (but that's a topic for another day.)

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