05-01-10 Gritting The Road
The council gritter has just passed below my home gritting the B842 north of Carradale.
The back road has been a nightmare for locals and visitors alike with the snow and over the last week severe ice on the road.Carradale Glen never got a chance to thaw out.
I went up on Sunday and could not turn until I got to Brackley roadend due to the very bad icy road conditions. Today we had a shower of snow,must have been in the early hours of the morning, but all is bright now with the sun shining.
Hopefully they will grit the whole of the back road as to let people get about their work and chores. I will update as the week goes on.

Parts of Carradale are still covered in ice, the school starts back tomorrow (WED) and the entrance and playgound are dangerous.The back road leading out of Carradale (B842) has been a nightmare since Christmas with as at today black ice and a coating of snow.Our local Doctor got stuck at Grogport last night trying to get to patients with the severe road conditions and had to stay with some locals overnight.The snow plough/gritter went up this morning (Tues) about 9.30am and went off the road at Barmoloch,this side of Grogport.It was rescued about 2.00pm by Gus Black only to get stuck again whilst trying to grit the road in reverse.I was up that way a run and took some pics of the road conditions which show the ice and very little gritting.A friend phoned me later, she and her husband really worried being stuck and not getting to work and so on told me that the council has not got any salt in the grit, so why the bother?
The weather has to remain like this for some time yet,the people that depend on this road are struggling, some cars and other vehicles have went off the road, what if something serious happens and the emergency vehicles cannot get to them?
There has been plenty of complaining all around.

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