05-01-08 Hanging on the Telephone
[Contact 4 Campbeltown Closure]It was a not-so-happy return to work for some people this year as one of the town's largest employers closed its office without warning.

Staff arriving at the Contact 4 call centre in Campbeltown on Friday morning found the doors locked and were told to go home.
Contact 4 have had a presence in Campbeltown for a little over two years and currently employed around 24 local staff, including several from Carradale, but the centre's closure leaves them facing an uncertain start to 2008.

It has been suggested that the closure of the call centre may co-incide with the cessation of incentives that had been made as part of the deal brokered by Higlands and Island Enterprise. In 2005 Contact 4 received more than 782,000 in grants from HIE to enable the company to open an office in the town.

Just last month the Campbeltown Courier reported that the call centre's future was secure, despite reports that the company had been seen removing furniture from the premises.

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