04-12-09 Trip Aboard The Dalriada
An article and photo sent in by Donald Kelly of Muasdale.Thank you Donald for your info and photo

Hi there,
I've just put a 20+ page article online about a 'Trip Aboard The Dalriada'it using extracts from an old cine film from the 1930's and old photographs from
my files - One of the cine clips features the 'Dusky Maid' (BA 54) at the shark fishing and I've "borrowed" some of Donald Milne's photographs from 'The Carradale Goat' website
to remind people of the days of Carradale's shark fishing!

Check out the article by clicking HERE.

Donalds pic of "Waverley" and her call at Carradale on Sunday, September 27, 1992,
she arriving at 3.15 pm and departing an hour later.
[The Carradale Goat]

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