04-12-05 New Camera Online
The webcam has been working for a few months now and more people are telling me how they find it useful, either for checking the weather 'back home' or visitors wanting to see what Carradale is like.

Since broadband became available in Carradale we've increased the rate at which pictures are taken to several every minute, within the hours of daylight (which aren't all that many right now!).

We're now experimenting with a new camera that visitors to the website can control themselves. You'll need to be running Internet Explorer version 6.0 and have a fairly fast internet connection.

Click on the picture of the camera to start the connection.

You will be asked to install an ActiveX component which should only take a moment. You may need to adjust your firewall or browser security settings to allow you to do this.

If for any reason the camera doesn't work then please email me, as it is still a bit temperamental.

Oh, and if your mobile phone has a web browser built-in then you can view the camera on your phone by entering the following address: 'http://carracam2.dyndns.info:9000/mobile/'

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