04-04-10 Potholes And Roads
Some serious repairs are needed pronto.

We all know that the roads suffered over the winter period, not to say they were in need of some surface repairs before the ice age onslaught, but as lately not much has been happening.

Our own sections the B842 Campbeltown/Carradale and what will be left of the B842 north out of Carradale have some nasty potholes and scarred sufaces.three very wide and deep potholes straddle the road at the Village Hall entrance and when filled with water you will recieve a shock if you hit them even at low speed due to the depth.Not much pothole filling going on in this area and as reported at the EKCC meeting by a local councillor that if you see that the road squad are not filling them properly, report them. Some are just brushing out the water,dumping in the cold tar and running over with vehicle wheels and that is not on.

There is an ongoing petition going around the village to get the back road up to gritting priorty in the winter, but we shall all need to make plenty of noise on the condition our roads have got into due too low road budgets.My view is money has been wasted on new passing places marker poles north of Carradale and again all the roads signs have been replaced with both languages on them,another budget which could well have been spent on road repairs.Photos of the potholes causing grieve at the Village Hall entrance.

Your comments would be welcome to add.

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From: Steve Partridge
Date: 8 April 2010
Subject:Roads and Potholes

I can no longer drive my car in a straight line along the Carradale road, for fear of expensive repairs to my suspension, and the Skipness road is not far from being impassable to anyone other than drivers of tanks or similar all-terrain vehicles, but at least all my nagging doubts about the location of the passing places have been alleviated and I now know the gaelic for 'Kilberry' and 'Glasgow'.

Seems the Council's priorities are pulled from a hat. Great going Argyll and Bute.

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