04-02-05 Fireworks at Council Meeting
Another action-packed Community Council meeting in Carradale last night.

Within ten minutes of opening last night's Community Council meeting in Carradale Village Hall the Chairman closed the meeting following sustained interruption from members of the public attending. Out-going councillor Trevor Davies was able to persuade him that rather than abandon the meeting a recess of ten minutes to allow people to cool-off would be a better solution.

Upon resuming the meeting the Chairman read out a section of the Standing Orders which makes clear that members of the public are allowed to attend meetings as observers only, with no right to speak or take part in discussions. This was seen as a rap across the knuckles for certain members of the public present.

No reason was given for the absence of the Secretary but when the minutes of the last meeting were read out a number of inaccuracies and omissions were pointed out by members of the attending public or other councillors. This isn't the first time this has happened and must call into question the quality of the minute-taking.

Amongst the topics discussed were the terrible state of the road down to the beach, possible electoral boundary changes pushing Carradale towards Tarbert and away from Campbeltown, the risk to children and other persons from a fallen fence in the field beside the play park, dog fouling and dogs allowed to roam the village, and the imminent election for councillors.

Also raised was the question of why, after nearly four months, has a cheque given to the council in respect of a field rented from them by a villager not yet been presented. Alan Oman stated that it had been banked within two to three weeks of being received yet the tenant stated that as of yesterday it remained uncashed. Mr Oman agreed to look into this.

British telecom would like to remove two of the public call boxes between Saddell and Carradale, or at best replace them with card-only telephones, stating reducing the costs of collecting money and servicing the boxes as a reason. At first a sight this didn't seem too bad an idea until it was pointed out that BT would still have to travel up from Campbeltown to empty the telephone box at Carradale, passing right by the two telephones proposed to be changed. It was seen that not only was the argument illogical but it might add weight to any future proposal to remove or convert Carradale's telephone box if the Council were to agree to this.

A letter from the council was discussed which explained how Carradale was eligible to apply for another seat on the Community Council, bringing its number to 6. This letter was dated November yet had only been brought to light in the last few days. As a result of which the date by which Carradale could make this application had already passed. It was decided that should it be acceptable to Argyll & Bute Council the Community Council would apply for this additional seat to be granted.

The procedure for the election of councillors was read out with nominations required on the proper forms by 16 February 2005, signed by a proposer and Seconder plus three further Assenters. 18 February is the date by which any nominee can withdraw their nomination. Nomination forms are available from the Council in Campbeltown. It was asked why there were no nomination papers available within the village itself. No clear answer was given for this. The ballot itself will be of a postal nature and Argyll & Bute Council will be distributing the voting forms in due course.

This was to be the last Community Council meeting for Trevor Davies of Peninver who is moving away from the area. He was thanked for his years of service and received a round of applause from the attending members of the public.

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