03-12-10 The White Stuff Arrives
The blizzard started this morning around 8.00am leaving a covering of snow a few inchs deep on the road.

Not much compared to some places,but when a gritter does not cover this part of the village it can be a pain getting about.My old rear wheel drive Transit vans does not like this,anyone got a 4x4 going cheap:)

Thats the good bit, now when it freezes thats when the nightmare starts with the slippy ice underfoot.Time to get the old sledge out or am I just kidding.

[The Carradale Goat] [The Carradale Goat]

Hi Gary

May be not much snow to what you are getting up there,but you being a resident here once you will know that a very little fall of snow or freezing ice causes havoc with the steep hills and lack of gritting.

Hope you all have a nice Christmas. All the best from the Dale.

Re: 03-12-10 The White Stuff Arrives

Johnny, Donít know what party the gullís been at but it sure wonít pass the straight white line test! Donald Milne.

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