03-12-05 Quiz Night - Its a Gas
Don't forget tonight's Quiz at the Carradale Hotel - see the entry for 24 November 2005 for more details.

We're hoping to get across but that largely depends upon whether my wife gets back from Oban at a sensible hour and whether a babysitter can be arranged.

Whatever happens I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun.

[Calor Gas]As might have been mentioned already our Landrover runs on LPG. To all intents and purposes that's the same flavour of Propane as used in your trusty camping stove and which many of us around here have in copious quantities in a tank at the bottom of the garden, being off the gas mains as we are.[Landrover Discovery]
Kintyre is surprisingly well-served with LPG which is available from the forecourts of County Garage in Campbeltown, Kintyre Filling Station in Tarbert, and at Riverside Filling Station in Lochgilphead. Visitors take note.

Up until recently finding someone around here to install or service an LPG system for a car was a bit of a nightmare, the nearest suitable garage being in Glasgow, but just recently a new business has started up.

Iain Craig of Borders Conservation operates from Glen Lussa, near Peninver, and offers conversion and servicing for LPG-powered cars. He recently had our Landrover in for servicing and did a smashing job - it drives like a new car again.

From: Dorian Graves
Date: 29 November 2005
Subject: Sunrise Special, panoramic views

The new additions to the Panoramic pictures are stunning. Coronation Wood from the road, Carradale Bay and the snow capped hills of the Isle of Arran across from Carradale Harbour are beautiful... It is always a special treat to discover new views here.

From: Robbie
Date: 30 Nov 2005
Subject: Campbeltown Swimming Pool

I worked as student engineer on the Swimming Pool over the summer.

The rendering (StoRender) is a very new product which RJM are having difficults with. The architects told RJM that they had to use it. The rendering is to blame for some of the delay in getting the place finished. Becasuse it's new, there are very few people who are experienced with it. But it's *meant* to be very good stuff, which will last for the design life of the building, i.e. over 100 years.

I haven't spoken to them down at the site recently, and only know of this happening from reading it on your site. The incident does not say anything about the overall construction of the place. Agency Engineers I have worked with on the site have commented to me how well RJM were building it. The best products are being specified, the structural quality of work is among the best you'll find. RJM have a fantastic track record. Some contractors will cut corners with the concrete reinforcement etc, but not these guys. They are being watched over by a Clark of Works, who is frankly surplus to requirements.

It's going to be an amazing building when it's finished. Have no doubt about that.

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