03-09-08 School Report Summary
Summary of the 2008 HMIe Report on Carradale Primary School:

-----How good are learning, teaching and achievement?
The curriculumsatisfactory
Teaching for effective learninggood
Children’s experiences (nursery class)satisfactory
Learners’ experiences (primary stages)good
Improvements in performance (nursery class)satisfactory
Improvements in performance (primary stages)satisfactory
-----How well are pupils’ learning needs met?
Meeting learning needs (nursery class)satisfactory
Meeting learning needs (primary stages)satisfactory
-----How good is the environment for learning?
Care, welfare and developmentvery good
Management and use of resources and space for learninggood
The engagement of staff in the life and work of the schoolgood
Expectations and promoting achievementgood
Equality and fairnessgood
The school’s success in involving parents, carers and familiessatisfactory
-----Leading and improving the school
Developing people and partnershipssatisfactory
Leadership of improvement and change (of the headteacher)satisfactory
Improvement through self-evaluationweak
This report uses the following word scale to make clear judgements made by inspectors:
excellentoutstanding, sector leading
very goodmajor strengths
goodimportant strengths with some areas for improvement
satisfactorystrengths just outweigh weaknesses
weakimportant weaknesses
unsatisfactorymajor weaknesses
In my opinion, a few more of those 'satisfactory' results could have done with having been 'good' or better.

Compare it to this report, for a similarly sized school in a similarly rural area:
[Link to KLB Primary School Report].

I'm sure members of the Parent Council or the head teacher will be pleased to discuss any queries you might have with regards to the report and its contents.

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