03-07-05 After Live8
How many of you were watching the Live8 concerts on the television yesterday? I thought it was brilliant with some excellent perfomances including two by 'the bloke that lives over the hill' (sometimes). For me though the performing stars of the show were Pink Floyd who rattled out three stunning tracks.

Amongst the other high spots was an appearance by Birhan Woldu, who's starving face was a familiar sight on television sets in 1985. The once dying Ethiopian girl is now a beautiful young woman and has become an icon for the resounding success of the Band Aid/Live Aid phenomenon.

[Birhan Woldu and Bob Geldoff]
It's said that somewhere in the world a child dies every three seconds. If this were happening in the UK do you think Tony Blair would wring his hands and continue to ignore it? As the G8 leaders prepare to meet at Gleneagles it remains to be seen whether any heed will be taken of this huge public statement of intent.

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