03-05-16 First Responders Meeting Last Month
Good turnout by members of the public.

About thirty members of the public attended this meeting last month with Dr Elder opening the meeting explaining his thoughts on how much it is needed in the community due to our geographical area with response of emergency vehicles in particular the ambulance service.This Responders idea had been on the cards for many years but was raised again after the unfortunate incident of young Liam Fordyce last year at Carradale Bay Caravan Park.Despite the prompt attention of members of the public,emergency services,doctors on scene and being flown out to hospital, sadly Liam died after having had a cardiac arrest earlier in the evening.First Responders may give someone more of a chance of survival until a doctor or the ambulance service arrive on scene bearing in mind the type of incident and medical history of the casualty.Doctor Elder then handed over to Murray McEwan and his collegue to give a run down on what is involved in particular training as in first aid and the use of defibrillator.After the talks and questions over twenty people took away an application form to sign up for this scheme, further update on how many go through at a later date.Thanks to the Scottish Ambulance Service for giving time for this meeting.

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