03-04-13 Thanks SSE
For all your efforts last month.

There may have been heated words when the power was off for so long,but when we did realise how bad the situation was full praise goes out to the ground workers who did a splendid job in trying to restore our power.The weather and blocked roads delayed essential work getting done,vehicles and generators getting into the area.Never has the company seen so much damage done caused by the snow and ice build up on the lines and pylons.Working out in these conditions were very hard and dangerous,lots of the workforce had travelled from all over Britain and have been away from their families for weeks on end.Thank you SSE signs have been appearing around Kintyre,and this one outside the Carradale Goldsmiths says it all.Another mention of thanks must also go to the road teams who battled in vain to try and keep our roads open,but due to the severity they were defeated.Eventually bringing in special machinery and with the help of local companies and farmers,the roads soon opened again.
A special mention to the three engineers who travelled all the way from Dorset for setting up the generator at Abbeyfield Residential Home and off the many others you did around the area.

One of the many pylons damaged at Crossaig,north of Carradale.You can see a engineer to the left top.

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