03-03-11 EKCC Meeting
[The Carradale Goat]Community Council meeting tonight 7pm in the Village Hall Library.Attached agenda.

It was all quiet at this months East Kintyre Community Council meeting,in attendance the Courier reporter,one councillor and four members of the public.

It may have been down to the late posting of some notices of the meeting which like the minutes should be available to the public 14 days beforehand.A more detailed account of the minutes could make them more understandable to members of the public on what is happening within the community (not everyone can or do attend meetings).

The matter of the minutes was raised by one member of the public as none were available,just the noted minutes taken down by a community councillor at the last meeting in the absence of the secretary.

Issues also raised at the previous meeting did not go any further as there was no matters arising (roads being main topic).

Attached agenda which was quickly gone through and here's hoping we can have the minutes for publication a little sooner.

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