03-02-08 Wild Day in Carradale Bay
The temporary generator in the Surgery carpark appears to have found a friend, which is sweet.

Sweeter still is that it is the mobile fuel tank that will ensure the generator keeps running for the next few days and nights until the permanent mains supply is restored.

I'm informed that the electricity company had wanted to turn the generator off during the night, to conserve fuel, but thanks to the swift action of a community councillor I'm pleased to say that never happened.
[Portable Generator and Fuel Tank, Carradale Surgery]

It's been another night of very strong winds and there's no sign of them letting up today.

A walk down to the beach this morning revealed a massive swell on the sea with big waves lashing into the Point and racing right up the beach to the dunes. The river also is swollen with rain water and is lapping round the fence posts of some of the houses at Waterfoot.

Christine Ritchie kindly sent these photographs of the harbour and shore showing the lashing they're receiving.
View from the Shore Road, Carradale]View from the Shore Road, Carradale]
The mobile generator at the Surgery can deliver 1MW of power. Imagine how much could be generated from harnessing the power of the sea.

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